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Another week diving into the best tips and tricks in sublimation printing

There is a lot of different inks, we cover several of them but today we highlight Xcinkjet

What’s included:

  • 🌟 Some of the best projects this week

  • 🎨 Why we love Xcinkjet

  • 💥 Three best recommendations from the week

🌟 Best DIY Craft of the Week

Get Over It! Fun Spa Wrap Idea

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🎨 Why We Like Xcinkjet Sublimation Ink

So many inks, which do you choose?

There are many inks out there that you have probably tried and there are a lot of factors to decide which one works best for you and your setup. Price, compatibility with your printer, how it interacts with your printer settings are some. Today we are doing a deep dive on Xcinkjet

Things We Like About Xcinkjet

  • Strong Brand

  • 4 bottles with 100ml each

  • Valuable price range

  • Wide-range of printing applications

Xcinkjet sublimation ink is all about quality and economy at the same time. It is compatible with a variety of WorkForce series from Epson. Xcinkjet sublimation ink bottle nozzles are specifically made to stop the ink from leaking or spilling over the printer due to double sealability.

The ink is less likely to dry and block the print head. Additionally, it can offer you a variety of possibilities for printing because you can use it on various products. Concerning the colour quality, the ink kit offers authentic and vibrant colors to ensure customer satisfaction. The ink is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so the ink causes no harm to the environment.


✅ High compatibility with the Epson printers.

✅ Inexpensive against other options on the list.

✅ Produce vibrant and high-quality colors.

✅ Easy to use with its nozzle design.


❌ Produce light colors in case of inappropriate settings.

Compatible Printers with Xcinkjet

💯 3 Must-Buy Products of the Week

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