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Ditch the Neutrals and Create Fashionable, Sublimated Socks


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Welcome to this week's edition of PrintCraft, the go-to source for all things sublimation printing.

Are you tired of boring sock designs and don’t want to be limited to the few options available in stores? If your answer is yes, then this post is for you.

In today’s edition, you'll learn how to create fun and fashionable socks with sublimation.

What’s included:

  • 🌟 Some wonderful socks ideas that we found online

  • 🎨 How you can make your own beautiful socks

  • 💥 Must-buy products of the week


🌟 2 Best DIY Crafts

🎨 Ditch the Neutrals and Create Fashionable, Sublimated Socks: A Step-By-Step Guide

Why try this out?

You can make cute and memorable socks for yourself and your favorite people. They could include witty quotes, cheerful images… anything you can imagine.


Relax, settle into your favorite couch, and read our complete guide on sublimating socks.

What tools will you need?

  1. 🏢 Heat Press Machine: For this process, you'll need a moderately-sized heat press that's large enough to encompass both the socks and the available design.

    If the heat press is too small for the socks, you’ll end up having to bend them at awkward angles — meaning, a higher likelihood of messing up.

  1. 💡Sublimation Printer: Choosing a trustworthy sublimation printer is always the best option. Combining this with standard sublimation paper ensures that your sublimated designs are clear and vivid.

  1. 🛍️ Lint Roller: A lint roller is applied on the blank socks to remove any debris or dust from their surface.

  1. 🧦 Blank Socks: These blank socks are essential for sublimation. Make sure they're at least 90% polyester (polyester products retain sublimation designs better than cotton products).

  1. 🪈 Socks Inserts: Inserts are placed into the socks to stretch them properly. Without the sock inserts, your designs and colors won’t get into every fiber of the socks. So you’ll end up with a smudged, ugly image.

  1. 🗒️ Sublimation Paper: This paper is used to print out your designs.  

  1. 📜 Parchment Paper: Parchment paper or butcher paper will prevent the socks from sticking to the heat press.

  1. 🛡️ Heat-resistant Tape: This will hold the blank socks and printed designs together.

  2. 🧤 Heat-Resistant Gloves: They’ll keep you from burning yourself when handling the heat press.

  3. 🏜️ Printed Designs: There are lots of beautiful designs to pick from. You can make or choose yours on any design software like Canva.

How does this work?

Let’s dive in 🙋

Step 1

Set up all your printing materials. Next, print out your designs using sublimation paper.

20 x 10 in (length x width) is recommended for knee-length socks. Half of that size works for ankle socks.

Step 2

Carefully trim off any excess white paper from your sublimation printout.

Next, place the inserts inside the blank socks. Be sure to use wooden or cardboard inserts since metal inserts heat up easily.

Step 3

Move your lint roller in up-and-down motions over the socks to eliminate any debris that might be lingering on them.

Step 4

Now, put your printed designs on the blank socks. Hold both together with heat-resistant tape.

Step 5

Open the heat press and place the parchment paper. Then, put the blank socks with the designs on top. Finish up with another layer of parchment paper.

Step 6

Close up the heat press and set the temperature at 400°F for 60 seconds. After the heat press beeps, wait a few seconds for the designs to set. Next, remove the socks with your heat-resistant gloves.

Step 7

Follow this step if you want to print designs on both sides of your socks.

Flip the socks over once they’ve cooled down. Then, adjust the socks so that the newly sublimated design on the first side overlaps with the blank part you’re about to sublimate. After doing this, repeat steps 4-6.

In a few seconds, the designs will set, and your lovely pair of socks will be ready to wear. 🌟

Potential issue:

The smell of the sublimation ink tends to be really strong. So, before you begin the sublimation process, ensure that your room is properly ventilated ❄️.

A helpful extra

💥 3 Must-Buy Products of the Week

Okay! That’s it for today. Thanks for reading. Reply with the word “PrintCraft” and we’ll send you a $10 Amazon Gift Card for your next project.

Happy sublimating,

The PrintCraft Team

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